Sleep: perfect night texts messages for love, family

Good Night Sweet Words

Long-distance relationships can be tough; not seeing your partner for weeks on end means that communication is key to maintaining a happy, healthy relationship (subscribe & save on man-size Kleenex helps too). Unfortunately for us guys, finding the right words isn’t always easy, especially when every text and call counts for so much.

When my girlfriend first started her new job and moved from Leeds to Glasgow, I wanted to make sure we kept our relationship strong, so I focussed on getting things right at our favourite time – bedtime. I felt like sending those heartfelt messages when we missed each other most, alone in bed, really showed her how much I cared and thought about her, and I slept easier knowing that I’d put a smile on her face before she went to sleep. If you need some inspiration when sending bae a cute good night text, check out my suggestions below.

Joke about stuff you always did together

Sometimes exposing yourself with deep, meaningful messages can be intimidating for you and annoying for her; if she’s going to bed every night with a thousand-word essay on how much you love her and your life means nothing without her, frankly your intensity will start to piss her off. Sometimes all you need to do is reminisce a little:

“Spent a full five minutes pulling faces at a kid in front of me at the tills in Asda this afternoon. Miss you loads, sleep tight sweety xxx”

Me and my girl LOVE messing around, pulling faces at little kids is one of our favourite silly games when we’re out and about. By telling her about things I did that made me think of her, I wanted to remind her of the fun stuff we did together that no-one else did. This is a deeply personal way of connecting with your partner, because she’s going to fall asleep thinking of the unique things you would do together.

Quote your favourite TV shows/films/songs

Most couples nowadays will normally spend at least a few nights a week in front of the TV or a PC binge-watching TV series’ and films together (pizza and pants both optional), so sharing some of those memories with quotes is a great way to make your girl grin before she nods off. Also, from your point of view, it’s easy to do and not a super-scary emotional declaration; sometimes subtlety and simplicity is best. Plus if you remember things that made her snort-laugh when she first saw it, you’ll probably get bonus points.

“I love you loads my sun-and-stars, nightnight xxx”

“I want the finest wines available to humanity, I want them here and I want them now! Actually, I’d just like a goodnight kiss. Miss you ma cherie xxx”

“Jesus Christ, that’s a pretty face/The kind you’d find on someone I could save… Wish I was looking at your beautiful face now. Sleep tight sweety xxx”

Be cheesy, be funny, just share something you enjoyed together!

Talk about your future together

Right? Well, sometimes you have to talk about stuff that scares the bejesus out of you and makes you uncomfortable. There are two key things to remember here, though:

1) Tell the truth: Talking about the future with your partner can be scary and make you feel vulnerable, but it’s a great way to build a vision of your future together. However, making stuff up that you don’t mean is a crappy thing to do; sharing your hopes and dreams is a really personal thing, so be honest with your partner. If you start making stuff up, you’ll either end up leading her on or getting found out, neither of which are things you want.

2) Be appropriate: This one’s straight forward; if you’ve been on three dates and are still getting to know each other, something like “I can’t wait to see how our parents get on at our wedding” is gonna freak her out. Similarly, if you’ve been together for years and have talked about kids and marriage and crap, something like “Maybe in the New Year we can get a joint Netflix account?” is probably gonna get you in trouble. Also, seriously, you only really need one Netflix account between two of you.

“Narrowed my proposal ideas down to three, next year is gonna be a good year. Love you sweety xxx” (My girl shared this with a couple of her friends straight after I sent it and they all text me asking for details, fml)

“Found some rad bedsheets for the new house (they’re Batman=P), can’t wait for our new home together. Bon Nuit ma Cherie xxx”

Sending stuff like this before your love drifts off to the land of nod tells her you see her as a big part of your future, showing her how important she is to you. Hopefully, she’ll then dream of your happy life together and sleep soundly.

Do you

There you have it, my top tips for sending cute good night texts or quotes at bedtime. I’ve tried to stay away from loads of “copy & paste” stuff for a reason; these messages have to come from you. Make every message personal to you and your partner, don’t just Google “romantic quotes” and ping off something that’s meaningless to her. Send her off to sleep safely in the knowledge that you value your past together and that you’re excited to spend your future with her.