Is it a good idea to workout before I sleep?

Working out every day is critical for every individual. It is essential to keep yourself fit, steady and in the right shape. But one of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not one should exercise before going to bed.

So, if you are also thinking about should I work out before bed, then read on to know the right time for working out. One thing that you all should be aware is that the exercises in the morning can jumpstart your metabolism process and also increases calorie burn.

But if you are looking for some high-intensity workout or weight training then the later part of the day is best. But when is too late to work out? Should you work out just before bedtime? Will it hinder your sleep? Read on to get all the queries answered.

Science Behind Working Out Late
The temperature of your body peaks during the afternoon, especially between 2 pm to 6 pm. So, this means you can do hard and high intense workouts in this time period. This will provide a better boost to your fitness. Thus it is best for your goal to get significantly stronger and fitter. The results will also come faster.
Another reason is that your protein synthesis and the ability to use the amino acid to repair your muscles go to peak later in the afternoon or even in the evening. Thus, this time is ideal for more tough workouts. Since many people do not get time to work out in the late afternoon or early evening for their office timings or other works, they choose the workout before bed.

The main science behind working out late is the effectiveness on your strength training. It helps you a lot when it comes to intense training. The core temperature of your body remains high in the evening, and thus the connective tissues and muscles remain warmer at that time.

Warm muscles are actually best for performing heavy weight lifting and high intense workouts. So, working late in the evening or just before going to bed is pretty good for your goals.

Also, the science behind the warm muscle and more energy is that you can give your body more fuel throughout the day with the meals. Thus, the energies are all stored and burn when you work out late. It also helps you to work out for the longer time.

When is It Too Late to Workout?
Now many will have the query that how late is too much late for work out when it comes to early evening and late afternoon. Should you work out before bed or will it hinder your night’s sleep? Now since this is a question that many ask about a workout, here is what expert has to say.

According to the professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Stuart Quan, some people have difficulty in falling asleep after an intense workout at late-night. This is because of the increased brain activity, high rush of adrenaline and also the difficulty to relax. So, some individuals face problems in sleep after working out just before going to bed. It is quite natural for some people due to some scientific reasons. There is no need to panic or get worried about this.

If you too face the problem and fall in this group of not getting sleep just after working out, then you should give yourself few hours between your exercises and bedtime. This will allow your body temperature to cool down and you will be able to relax and rest peacefully. This will also help to lower the adrenaline level. But most of the people do not face any problem exercising just before the bedtime. It doesn’t hinder their quality of night sleep at all.

People can sleep very well even when they exercise continuously for half an hour just before the bed. According to the Sleep in America poll, it has been seen that 83 % of the people who exercise anytime of the day including late night get significantly better sleep.

5 Tips to Have Better Sleep after Workout
If you are one of those people who does not get sleep after working out at night, here are some of the important tips for you to get better sleep at night just after the workout:

It is always better to take a cold shower after your workout. This will bring down your body temperature quickly. A 5 minutes shower is also enough to fall asleep fast.
It is better to do a gradual cool-down after the exercises than to abruptly stop when you are still huffing and hopping into shower all sweaty and hot.
Do not workout in your bedroom. You can workout at your home of course as there are plenty of such exercises. But it is better to save the bedroom for activities like resting, reading and meditation.
Always try to meditate and to breathe deep after your workout just before your bed. Meditation helps to lower the adrenaline level as well as it helps to calm down and relax. There are many useful mobile apps too that you can use for meditation. Those are really helpful and great.
You can also try some natural supplement for calming down. The best one to try is an essential oil that will help you to relax. Spraying lavender oil in the air and pillow of your bedroom will help you to relax and calm down. This beautiful and calming smell helps to adverse the effect of the intense workout. Your mind will relax, and you will eventually fall asleep.
Working out can be really helpful for your body and health. It not only helps you to be in shape but will also help you to get healthy and fit. When you are working out at night and having some problem getting sleep at the right time, it is better to follow these above tips. This is when you will be able to get some good sleep at night.